Gamma Cycle: Focus T25 The Pyramid

For this Gamma Cycle: Focus T25 The Pyramid workout you will need Dumbells or Resistance Bands and a Yoga Mat. In the video Shaun T will tell you his suggestion on what size weights you should use.

This workout video is set up a lot differently then any of the others. You will find a total of 10 pyramids and each one of them has about 5 different exercises. So each pyramid is a set, and each set you will have to repeat several times.

For this video’s warm up you will start with a Slow Control Jog. Then move into Jack Feet, Double Jack Feet, Front Raise Jack, and finally Push Jump Off Knees.

Time at 21:56: Pyramid 1

For pyramid 1 you will be doing Hammer Curls + Squats. The way most of the pyramids works is you do 1 Hammer, 1 squat. And then you do 2 hammers, 1 squat, 3 hammers, 1 squat, etc until you get up to 8 hammers.


Time at 20:05: Pyramid 2

Pyramid 2 is Dead Lifts + Upright Rows, the pattern for this pyramid is a little different to the first one. You start by doing 1 dead lift and 1 row, then you do 2 deadlifts and 2 rows, then 3 dead lifts and 3 rows; etc until you get to 6 each.


Time at 17:56: Pyramid 3

This pyramid consist of Front Kicks + Side Lunges (L), Kick once left, side lunge once, kick twice, side lunge twice, until you get to six of each. Then repeate this on the right side, kick once right and side lunge (R). Again do these until you reach six of each.

Cardio break:

With 15:54 on the clock Shaun T takes you through the first cardio burst of this video. That consist of Up + Overs.


Time at 14:55: Pyramid 4

In this pyramid you will do Down Dogs + Pikes Up, do one down dog, then one pike, then two down dogs, then two pikes. Repeat until you do 11 of each.


Time at 12:48: Pyramid 5

For this one you will do Clean Presses + Walk Ups + Back . To do this pyramid you start with a curl, then press down, release, step up, and finally step back. Do then two full sets of just the curls, presses down and releases before you step up and back. Continue this until you reach a total of seven.


Time at 10:50: Pyramid 6

This pyramid has you do Left Arm Hooks + Squats. For this pyramid you start with 1 hook and 1 squat, then 2 hooks and 2 squats. Do these a total of seven times. Once you have done the right side do the left side the same way.

Cardio Break:

At the 9:00 minute point we will again do a little burst of cardio to get the heart rate back up. So you will be doing a combination of Jacks + Speed + Agility.


Time at 7:53: Pyramid 7

Pyramid 7 consist of the Child’s Pose + Push-Ups. To do this pyramid you first get in the Child’s Pose position, then move into a plank, and finally do a push-up. Continue by then doing another Child’s Pose down to a plank and do 2 push-ups, then 3 push-ups, etc. Do a total of nine of these.


Time at 5:56: Pyramid 8

For pyramid 8 you will do Same Arm + Same Leg (R), this is where you start your arm behind your head, then it reaches until is meets your foot. Do this 2 times, then three, four, five, etc. You will do a total of eight times. Remember to do the same thing for the left leg too.

Time at 3:15: Pyramid 9

For this pyramid you will be doing Tricep Presses + Release to 90 Degrees. To start this one off you do a tricep press behind your head, bringing the dumbell back to the front stop at 90 degrees and hold. After that do two triceps presses and hold, then three, etc. Keep going until you do a total of seven tricep holds in one set.

Cardio Break:

With only 1:50 minutes left we will do the last burst of cardio for the video. This will consist of Shuffles + Knee Heisman


Time at 0:53: Pyramid 10

For this last pyramid you will do a 5-Count Butterfly. This is where you have one leg in, and the other leg out, hold this position for 5 counts counts. Then switch the legs and do another 5 counts. You will keep on switching your legs but every time you get back to the first leg you go down a count. So he starts with 5 counts, then 4, 3, 2, and finally 1.

You have completed the Focus T25 The Pyramid video and can start your cool down.

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author: Danny Sparks

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