Gamma Cycle: Focus T25 Rip’T Up

The equipment you will need for this Gamma Cycle: Focus T25 Rip’T Up is Dumbells or Resistance Bands, Yoga Mat, and a Chin-up bar (this is optional). This workout video is a lot like the Beta Cycle: Rip’t Circuit, only this one is a lot more intense.

First the video will start you off with a warm up. This consist of Split Lunge Agility, 3 different types of kicks and then some upper cuts. These exercises are meant to loosen your body and get your heart rate up.

Now with 22:10 left you will need to pick up your weights. You will start with Wide Rows, this is one of the exercises that you can either use the dumbells or a chin-up bar. Shaun T will show you how to do them both.

Next you will do some Single Arm Rows (L+R) arms. Then Straight Arm Fly (again you can either use weights or a chin-up bar), Lateral Pull-downs, and some Hammer Curls. He’s doesn’t stop there with the arm exercises because you still have to do Tricep Kick backs, palms up and palms down.

For that exercise I would advise you use a 10 pound weight, because your arms are going to be exhausted by this time and you don’t want to injure yourself. To finally end this section of the workout video you will do some Wide Curls, and Single Leg Shoulder Press (L+R).

After all of that and you still have 17:13 minutes left, for this next section you will start on the ground and do a few fast exercises then you will get up and go straight into arm exercises. This all starts with a slow 4-Count Push-Up, some find it difficult to stay up the whole time so if you need to you can relax on your knees for few seconds.

Next you will be getting back on your feet and starting some Upright Rows, 2 Count Push-Up, 90 Degree Shimmy, 90 degree Shoulder Shrug, the Basic Shoulder Shrug, Standing Rocketman, Lawnmower, Deadlift + Knee Raise (L+R), and finally Deadlift + Shoulder Shrug.

Now 11:45 minutes are left and it it time to get back on the ground. I would advise you to use the Yoga mat for these exercises, so you can stay more balanced and have better grip. To start these ground exercises you will be doing Push Presses, Dual Push Press + Knees at 90 Degrees, Push Press + 6” Hold, and Dual Push Press + Scissor Legs.

2:00 more minutes down and at 9:35 you will still be on the ground. For this section of the workout you will be doing several variations of the down dog. Here are the different variations of the Down Dog: Down Dog + Plank, Down Dog + Alternating Leg Plank, Down Dog + Alternating Leg Push Up, Down Dog + Obilque Push-Up.

Now with 7:44 minutes on the clock you will get back on your feet to do some cardio. Theses exercises consist of a lot of jabs and hooks while doing something with your legs. You will start it off slow with High Hooks, and then speed things up with Low Hook + Squat Holds, Low Jack Uppercut, Cross down Punch Jack.

With 5:45 minutes left you will be going back down to the mat and do the Superman Pulse. And then staying on the ground grab some light weights and you will do the Rocketman Pulse.

It is time for the last leg of the video. At 4:45 minute mark you will get back up and do some intense Single Leg Dual Curl (R+L), Single Leg Tricep press (R+L), Arm Push-Up Jack, Arm Jack + Knee In, 4 Count Curl Press (R+L), and finally 2 Count curl Press (R+L). You are finally done and you can now start the cool down.

Here is a reminder on what exercises you will be doing:

  • Warm Up: Split Lunge Agility, Kicks, and Upper cuts
  • Rows
  • Arm Fly
  • Lateral Pulldown
  • Different Curls
  • Tricep Kickback Palms Up + Down
  • Single Leg Shoulder Press (R+L)
  • 4 & 2 count Push-Ups
  • Rows
  • 90 degree Shimmy
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Rocketman
  • Lawnmower
  • Deadlifts
  • Variations of Push Presses
  • Variations of the Down Dog
  • Hooks/Jabs
  • Pulses
  • Single Leg Curls
  • Trecipe Presses
  • Variations of Curl Presses
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author: Danny Sparks

Founder of Workout Training Review, I am passionate about finding the right workout to fit your needs. Choosing your routine can truly be the difference from success and failure. Let's find out what fits your needs together!


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