Gamma Cycle: Focus T25 Extreme Circuit

For this Gamma Cycle Focus T25 Extreme Circuit workout video you will need Dumbells or Resistance Bands, Yoga Mat, and a Chin Up Bar. Shaun T will show you how to use the chin up bar for a few of the exercises.

The video starts you with a warm up that will need the weights. This consist of heeltaps, rows, shoulder presses, knee crunches. These exercises are a little more intense compared to the warm ups in other videos. So take your time with these and don’t go too fast.

Shaun gets started quickly by already doing the first burnout of the video, and its only 9:00 minutes into it. This burnout is only 4 different exercises and you do each one for 15 seconds, however you keep repeating them until you get to the 20:00 minutes mark.

Now he gets into the normal routine of the video. Starting with an alternating front kick with 90 degree hold. This is one of the exercises that you can do with the chin up bar. You will also do hammer curls, and straight leg holds.

16:00 minutes left and you do burnout #2 of the workout, this burnout is again 4 exercises that involve the weights, and you do 0:15 seconds of each. You will then repeat them for a minute.

The 15:00 minute mark starts with pushups, burpees, and squats. You will do each of these exercises for about 1:30.

With 11:00 minutes left for this workout video you will do burnout #3, this burnout goes for 1:05, a tiny bit longer than the previous ones. However it still consist of 4 different workouts that you need the weights for.

At the 9:55 mark you will be doing a pattern of using the weights and then not using the weights for the next several exercises. You will start by putting the weights down for an on the ground break. You will jsut be doing mountain climber and burpees.

But now pick the weights back up and do bicep curls. And again put them down for some planks and mountain climbers. Pick the weights up for more bicep curls and put them down for plank walks and spider lunges.

5:00 minutes left and Shaun T is going to continue this weights and then on the ground pattern for the rest of the video. Starting with weights you will do some over the head presses, then on the ground with walking ski abs, and then with the weights deadlifts and curls.

Finally you are at the 1:00 minute marker and you end this workout with the fifth burnout of the video. You do 5 different exercises and complete them all in 1 minute. Now you are done and can do the cool down.

Here is a reminder of what exercise you have done in this video:

  • Warm Up: Heeltaps, Rows, Shoulder Presses, Knee Crunches
  • Burnout #1
  • Alt. Front Kick with 90 degree hold
  • Hammer Curls
  • Straight Leg Holds
  • Burnout #2
  • Pushups/Burpees/Squats
  • Burnout #3
  • Mountain Climbers/Burpees
  • Bicep Curls
  • Planks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank Walks
  • Spider Lunges
  • Head Presses
  • Walking Ski Abs
  • Deadlifts/Curls
  • Burnout #5
  • Cool Down
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author: Danny Sparks

Founder of Workout Training Review, I am passionate about finding the right workout to fit your needs. Choosing your routine can truly be the difference from success and failure. Let's find out what fits your needs together!


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