UntitledHey Guys! I’m Danny Sparks and a couple of years ago, I wasn’t where I wanted to be…physically.  I had tried everything – diets, gym memberships, you name, I tried it.  And yet, despite all of this, I was never successful.

The Cause of My Problem

Something kept getting in the way!

And it’s called Life.

Every time I got the motivation to persevere and push forward, something would always stop me or I found that it wasn’t working.  It was absolutely frustrating.

My biggest issue was that I never had time to go to the gym and diets only work if you know what you are doing, and  your spouse is behind you in eathing the same.

Mind Blowing Realization

However, I discovered something that finally helped me to break out.  It turns out, you don’t have to do it alone!

Inside the fitness market, there are loads of programs designed by professionals to help you have the right diet, and plan.  Instead of just ‘figuring it out’ when you go to the gym, or over working the popular muscles, I instead learned the power of tapping into professional workout programs and it was a game changer!

But Which Program?

After recommending a particular workout program that helped me, I found out that my friends did not have the schedule as me nor the same definition of success.  Some just wanted to accomplish one of the following:

To lose weight

Gain major muscle

Tone up

Improve for sports


And it turns out that there are Workout Programs for each of these with different requirements and scope.  After this mind blowing realization, I looked and found that no one had tackled this all important subject.

And that is when it hit me

Why Not Create A Site that Reviews Workouts and Helps People Choose the Right One!

And for that, I created Workout Training Review – pretty creative name, huh?

After idea creation, I purchased all of the workouts on this site, and tried them all.  I recording my findings and thoughts, as well as diet plans and nutrition.  My hope is that you can learn from my mistakes and not waste money – or time – on things that aren’t important.

So, check out my site and figure out which workout is best for you!